Google Ads Success Story - Foundation Repair

A Foundation Repair Company turns to digital marketing to grow and scale their business with huge returns.

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About the Company

This company was founded as a small family business specializing in foundation repair in Tennessee.

In an industry plagued with “fly by night” operators, they prided themselves on offering exceptional work, backed by a warranty, at an affordable price. Their work and reputation are what helped them stand out above the crowd for years, but they knew they needed more in order to grow the business to where they wanted it to be.

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They produced results that we could never have expected.

We were a little apprehensive about digital advertising at first, but after seeing the number of calls in the first month alone, we were sold!

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Relying heavily on word of mouth and traditional marketing (fliers, newspaper ads, radio) worked for the first 10+ years in business. The movement towards digital advertising by the competition had a negative impact on their revenue and they realized they too needed to change things up, scale back on their traditional marketing efforts and make the leap into digital advertising.

The Challenge


The Challenge

YellowFin Digital went to work on creating a digital footprint for the company. From a new website to updating their Google My Business listing, everything was given a once-over from top to bottom. Settling on Google Ads as the main source of lead opportunities, we created a custom WordPress landing page with a strong CTA (call to action) that would convert visitors at a very high rate by allowing customers to directly call to speak with someone, or if they preferred fill out a form to be contacted back via phone or text.



The leads came pouring in! In fact, the number of leads coming in allowed the company to expand to two more cities close by and eventually lead to scaling back on ad spend. We were forced to spend less because the company couldn’t keep up with the number of jobs being booked and didn’t want to harm their reputation of being able to quickly help their customers.

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  • Ad Spend: $802,000
  • Impressions: 1,609,352
  • Cost Per Click: $15.58
  • Conversions: 10,693
  • Cost Per Conversion: $75.01

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