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A Luxury eyelash extension salon in Knoxville, TN attracts 30,000* website visits in 6 months with SEO and Paid Ads

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Ads - 6 months

Ad Spend






Cost Per Order






SEO - 6 months



Keyword Top Listing


Keywords in Top 10


Total Website Visits


SEO Website Visits


All Bounce Rate


SEO Bounce Rate



About the Company

Wisp Lashes is a woman founded and woman owned individual eyelash extension salon concept! Our goal is to provide each client with a high-end, customized eyelash extension experience.

Our highly trained eyelash ex-tension artists are first-class service providers. Located in Knoxville, TN, our premium synthetic mink eyelash extensions ensure that women of all activity levels can enjoy the experience of eyelash extensions. We are passionate about enhancing the natural beauty of our clients and we can’t wait to lash you.

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YellowFin Digital has been an excellent partner for us as a completely new brand.

They have helped develop our online presence quickly and professionally. I love digital marketing because the results speak for themselves – we can see appointments coming in online that are directly attributed to the hard work of the YFD team.

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DeeAnna Heavilin
Owner and Founder @ Wisp Lashes

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The Challenge

Wisp Lashes is a new brand of high-end eyelash extension salons. Because of this, they had no client list work from when they were ready to open their doors. Wisp needed help attracting first time clients to their new salon and letting the community know that they were open for business. The business model requires that clients not only make a one-time purchase with Wisp, but that they become recurring cli-ents who visit the salon every 2-3 weeks for lash fills. It was not enough to generate revenue one time, attracting clients with staying power was the goal.


The Solutions

Curating Wisp’s ideal audience was priority number one. Getting Wisp ads and branding in front of them was a close second. We decided to implement a two-prong effort of SEO (organic search results) and Paid Ads.

In the initial months of ad campaigns, our team spends an abundance of time testing audiences to determine the most likely potential clients, and the highest converting audiences. Once the audience is dialed in, we began dis-playing ads on various social media channels and banner displays throughout the web.

Simultaneously, our SEO team began both on-page and off-page SEO efforts to quickly rise in keyword rankings. Though many of Wisp’s local competitors have been in business for much longer, our team has been able to secure 10 Number 1 ranking Keywords and 21 Top 10 Rankings in the first 6 months of SEO efforts.



56% of Wisp clients say that they first found Wisp Lashes through a Google Search or Social Media ad. Momentum continues to build each month, with ROAS as high as 12.08 in the most recent 30-day period!

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Ads – 6 months

  • Ad Spend: $5,453.87
  • Impressions: 1,075,253
  • Orders: 298
  • Cost Per Order: $18.30
  • Revenue: $29,429.39
  • ROAS: 5.39

SEO – 6 months

  • Spend: $4500
  • Keyword Top Listing: 10
  • Keywords in Top 10: 21
  • Total Website Visits: 29,475
  • SEO Website Visits: 10,633
  • All Bounce Rate: 26.28%
  • SEO Bounce Rate: 23.47%

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