Facebook Ads Success Story

A Western Boho Chic Online Women’s Boutique website sees 1200% Return on Ad Spend in clothing sold from Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns.

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About the Company

HeelsnSpurs.com is a premier online women’s boutique specializing in Western Boho Chic clothing and accessories.

They specialize in sourcing unique women’s tops, bottoms, accessories, and more. Located in Kennedy, TX just outside San Antonio, Heels n Spurs originally started as a brick and mortar women’s boutique. After a short time, they decided to add a website and social media efforts to try to increase their sales to areas outside their small Texas town. The addition of Facebook Ads has given them the ability to deliver their products into homes around the US and Canada.

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YellowFin Digital has helped us take our boutique to the next level.

We still can’t believe how much more we sell each month because of our Facebook and Instagram ads. We continue to increase our ad budget with YellowFin and the results continue to amaze us. We love YellowFin Digital!

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Calleigh Jo
President @ Heels n Spurs

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The Challenge

Heels n Spurs was frustrated with their previous attempts with Facebook Ads as they seemed to never get the results they needed to justify the cost of the ads. Their CPA (cost per order sold) was too high, and in some cases, they were actually losing money on sales. Trying multiple times to run ads themselves or hire an ad agency, they never seemed to be able to gain traction and were running ad campaigns in fits and starts with no success.


The Solutions

Once we had a good understanding of their ideal target audience, goals and past pain points, we developed a cus-tomized strategy to address their past ad woes, scale the campaigns and drive long-term growth.

We started with creating uniform size and style images across the website. We know that having a consistent branding in images helps customers learn about who the brand really is and gives them comfort when shopping from a website that has beautiful, uniform images. This upgrade to the brand’s image translates into increased success in ad performance and increased sales.

Next, we started the process of building their ideal target audience. We set up highly targeted audiences and implemented an A/B testing strategy that helped us narrow down to the ideal audience. We then took that audi-ence and began showing them manual and dynamic ads from various product collections until we found the best collections for the best audience where we were consistently hitting 10+ ROAS.



Sales for Heels n Spurs increased immediately! Each level of our customized strategies built on top of each other until we had the ideal Facebook and Instagram ad campaign turning out double-digit ROAS on a monthly basis.

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  • Ad Spend: Not Public
  • Impressions: 14,409,923
  • Orders: 8,320
  • Cost Per Order: $9.39
  • Revenue: Not Public
  • ROAS: 10.77

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