Be Money Smart and Savvy

Be Money Smart and Savvy

Miguel Arroyo is the CEO/founder of All-Tex Electrical Services, a family-owned electrical business based in Beaumont, TX. They have been in business for over 13 years and have a great team of employees that help to keep their home service business running to its full potential. 

Where Do You Get Most of Your Business?

Miguel explains that most of his business comes from word of mouth. His company is well-known for doing great work. Therefore, they are commonly talked about around the state of Texas, which generates a lot of clientele.

What Do You Specialize in?

Miguel explains that he is passionate about commercial work, but his company primarily does residential work. This is sole because residential work generates more income than the latter.

How Did You Get Clients When You Were First Starting Out?

Luckily, Miguel has been in the Beaumont area for quite a while and has quite a few connections that enabled him to get a good client base to start. When he left the company he was originally working for, he did not solicit his prior customers but found that they were actively seeking him out because of his great work.

How Did You Grow Your Business Originally?

Miguel was asked how he could add on so many employees and service the entire state of Texas. He says that it’s all about finding the right people. They originally had almost 30 employees at the company but scaled back for personal reasons. However, they are now in the process of growing the company again. 

What Does Your Company Do To Increase Visibility?

Miguel explains that he potentially has another company interested in helping him develop his company even further. This could mean expansion into the Hughston market and other states like New York and Georgia, which would benefit his business. 

Would You Consider Doing Digital Marketing For Your Company?

Miguel is unsure whether or not digital marketing efforts would be needed for his company in the future. It entirely depends on what happens with his potential investor. However, he is always more partial to his original marketing plan- word of mouth!

Has it Been Difficult For You to Find Reliable People?

Miguel says that, like many other companies, he has struggled to find people who will be in it for the long haul. He believes that in this day and age, employees don’t have the work ethic they used to, which may cause this recurring employment problem. 

What Best Advice You Could Give Someone Looking to Start Their Own Electrical Company?

He says it’s important to realize that while running a company, there will always be tough times. It’s essential to save your money and be smart with your spending. He expresses how imperative it is to live within your means and to always be prepared for unexpected events that could happen.