6 Ways to Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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6 Ways to Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While marketing strategies are always evolving, the purpose of marketing holds fast: the ability of a business to capture the attention of their target market. In our interconnected world today, Digital Marketing is the most cost effective way to reach potential customers. Digital Marketing is joining the ranks of prime location, excellent products/service offerings, and customer services as the most important keys to business success.

The internet has allowed consumers access to almost any information they desire with a quick search on their smartphones. This makes showing up when consumers are looking for you more important now than ever. Ranking high in search rankings, Google Places, and social media searches gives your business a better chance of engaging with a consumer who is actively searching for your products/services. 

A successful digital marketing strategy relies heavily on building customer experience. By posting relevant and unique content that educates or entertains your customers, you are building trust with them. Feeding your target audience with relevant information about your product offerings empowers them to connect with your business on their terms.

Why is it required to revolutionize your digital marketing strategies?

Each year, consumers continue to go online to research and buy the products and services. Effective Digital marketing strategies take advantage of this consumer habit by offering products and services to consumers on their terms. Digital marketing is also historically more cost effective than traditional print or TV media campaigns. 

Advanced technology and new techniques are shaping digital marketing day by day. Below are 6 ways to revolutionize digital marketing in your business. Houston SEO services include the essential marketing techniques that lead to more sales, improved brand awareness, enhance trustworthiness and so on that will be beneficial for your business and help them to rank high in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the technique of making your website easy to find, crawl, and get indexed by search engines. This practice helps your consumers find your business when they are actively searching for keywords that are relevant to your business.. According to studies, 70% of organic traffic comes from these search results. That’s a lot of traffic! This is why boosting your website to rank high on the search engine ranking page is necessary. An effective SEO campaign  helps your business rank up in the SERP to drive more organic traffic and that traffic also boosts conversion rates.

One of the main aspects of SEO is increased visibility that helps consumers find your business when they are actively looking for products or services you offer. The most important part of an effective SEO campaign is identifying appropriate keywords for your audience. One part of this is conducting a client interview to learn more about your business, industry, and products/services. An experienced digital marketing agency will then conduct keyword index queries to determine which keywords have the most traffic, which keywords will be easier to rank in quickly, and propose a keyword list to focus on for your SEO campaign. Your SEO campaign should also take into account how consumers will navigate your website, and which pages each keyword term should direct traffic to. This final step is essential to excellent SEO results. Without understanding the user’s behavior it’s not possible to rank up in the SERP.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Have you ever thought about why I Should Invest My Time in Social Media? Social media marketing is the best way to start a conversation with consumers about your brand. Businesses are able to adopt a more conversational tone on social media than other forms of digital marketing, which improves customer relationships and enhances brand awareness.

Social media marketing has significant benefits for establishing your brand and enhances your business in the digital marketplace. Updating your social media channels with relevant content that your target audience wants to engage with, social media marketing will regularly will lead to more traffic, better SEO, enhanced brand authoritativeness, and improved user experience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing, sometimes referred to as Pay Per Click Ads, is the digital marketing strategy of bidding on keywords to enhance your brand’s chances of showing up when consumers search for those targeted keywords.

SEM techniques include: creating and optimizing Ads, effectively “bidding” on keywords, and ad placement strategies. The most commonly used tool for this strategy is Google Ads. 

It enables you to target your customers through significant ads and keywords that relate to their search queries. It increases the visibility of your website that ultimately drives more traffic. SEM is beneficial as it is cost-effective and trackable so, you can easily notice the change and shift your strategy if needed.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can  improve brand awareness and engage your targeted audience, ultimately driving more organic traffic. Content marketing helps consumers hear your “voice” and learn more about your business in your own words. Content marketing is often paired with SEO campaigns to increase the likelihood of your business showing in organic search results for keywords you use often in your content marketing materials. Studies show that over 80% of consumers will lookup a business online before making an initial inquiry with the business. Content marketing is the perfect way to make sure that these consumers hear about your business from YOU in your own words. Various form of content marketing include: free download of an e-book your wrote about an important subject matter in your industry, video tutorials of your product, fun facts about your business, any content that speaks to who you are, what you do, and what you offer that might interest your target audience.

Remember that content is mainly created to educate your viewers. Typically a consumer is curious to know what you are offering and how it will fill a need or solve a problem they have. Great content will Include visual portions such as images, videos, infographics. By feeding your audience with relevant pieces of information you’ll build a strong relationship that builds trust in your brand and knowledge. The more you continue to engage your target audience the better results you’ll get.

Email and Text Message Marketing

Email and text message marketing are two of the most efficient ways when you want to reach your target audience. The fact that you already have an email address or phone number to communicate with means that the consumer has already expressed interest in your business in the past. A friendly and beautifully designed email encourages them to engage with your business again. Email and text message marketing should be used to relay quick, useful information that the consumer can take action on. Many email and text message campaigns are designed to sell a specific product or notify a consumer about a special promotion or offering. Remember that all digital marketing should be in the same branded voice and tone: email and Text Message marketing should be in the same voice as your Social Media Campaigns and your Content Marketing. The most effective way to enhance brand awareness, increase organic traffic, and monetize your ecommerce platform is to implement numerous forms of digital marketing: combining SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email and Text Message Marketing is a sure way to reach your potential customers online. 

According to the study, email marketing is 40 times more effective to drive new consumers than other forms of marketing.. Email and text message marketing compliments other digital marketing efforts by reminding consumers of specials, notifying them of new arrivals, or touching base with them if the business hasn’t interacted with them recently. 

Reputation Management

You can bet that the 80% of people who lookup your business prior to making a purchasing decision are looking at online reviews of you. Creating and maintaining your online reputation effectively is one of the most important things a small business owner can do. Encourage clients to leave positive reviews of your products and services at the time of the sale, doing so will increase your reputation rankings online and ensure that prospective clients hear all about the great things you do!

Online reputation management means monitoring your business’s place on SERP and responding to reviews when nceessary. It’s essential to know how people determine your business on an internet search. For a successful business, it’s important to know what consumers are saying. Manage your reputation by asking happy clients for reviews, monitoring your business pages on all major Ratings Sites, and mitigating bad reviews when necessary. 

Wrapping Up

These 6 digital marketing strategies will help small business owners get in front of potential clients. Engaging with potential clients, keeping connected with them online, and improving their user experience online can increase online sale and conversion rates. A sophisticated digital marketer will continue to monitor new digital marketing trends and implement those that can increase overall results of digital marketing campaigns.Implementing the latest online service offerings and strategies ensure that your business will rank high on the SERP.

Where do you start when implementing a digital marketing campaign? The first step for many businesses is to contact a professional digital marketing company like YellowFin Digital. We work with small businesses all over the country to identify and execute the most effective digital marketing strategies for their particular situation. We’d love to help you out, too!

As with everything, the sooner you begin, the sooner you will see results!