We all know that websites are an essential tool for doing business. We often focus on the Contact Us page because it’s where we can get our customer inquiries. Don’t worry, we all tend to do this. Do you know that there is another element or a section where you can generate customer inquiries?

That’s right! In this blog, we will illustrate the importance of the FAQ section on your website and how to turn your FAQ section into the lead generating tool.

We at YellowFin Digital pay the utmost attention to the FAQ section because it has proven to be an excellent tool in driving more leads apart from the contact us page.

Let’s dive into it in detail.

It’s a myth that the FAQ section is there simply to solve common questions. Instead, if it’s done correctly, it can serve as one of the most powerful selling elements on your website.

Here Are a Few Ways Your FAQ Section Helps to your Website:

  • It eases buying tensions that your product content does not solve for the customer.
  • Reduces the burden to your customer support team.
  • It improves your website SEO and site structure. 
  • Earns trust by showing mastery and clarifying your plan of action. 
  • Make clients happy by addressing their inquiries. 

In case you’re not utilizing your FAQ section or page to its maximum potential, then ask yourself some of the questions on how to get the most out of it and increase your revenue.

1. What Is a FAQ Page?


In contrast to the landing page or contact us page where you target customers directly, the FAQ page works as an indirect selling page. It is the heart of your website because it directly communicates with the customer and solves their common questions.

2. Where to Put the FAQ Page?

This depends on the nature of your website. Whether it’s an eCommerce product selling website, Blogging website, or Service provider website, you can create a web page that is dedicated to your FAQ. You can also add a section in service or product pages where your customer lands the most.

Some pages are non-engaging or just informative; consider putting an FAQ section on those pages, and that will give them life.

If you are making a web page, you can consider creating page content smartly where you don’t put the traditional question & answer sections, instead focus on making the FAQ as a part of the content. Check out this example: Houston SEO services

3. How Will a FAQ Page Save Time?

Answering customers’ questions is indeed an important aspect of every website. The general way to do this is with a contact us page, but very few people want to fill out a form and wait for you to contact them back. So what’s the other option? FAQ!

Can we keep the live chat feature on our website? Yes, truly, that will be the fastest way to solve customers’ queries. But then you will need to keep a dedicated agent to be online in order to be able to answer questions live and not frustrate customers seeking an audience. And that can be costly!

So, FAQ pages can be time and cost-saving. Here you don’t have to engage a person, and don’t keep your customers hanging. They can get their common questions answered instantly, in the blink of an eye.

4. How Can I Make the FAQ Page Search Engine Friendly?

Making your web pages search engine friendly should be everyone’s priority because you want to rank on the first page of search engines like Google. But so do your competitors. One advantage to help you rank above them is to consider keeping your keywords in the FAQ section. The keyword can be something that users would often search for. For example, YellowFin Digital clients search for terms like SEO Houston, SEO Services, eCommerce website design, Custom website design. Keeping these keywords as part of an FAQ page is SEO gold!

5. How Should My FAQ Page be Structured?

Search engines like Google consider structured data and give more weight to it when done correctly. We often see this type of ranking in a Google search results page:

As the above image depicts, three websites show you ratings because they took advantage of structured data. When you use structured data it gives you an advantage in winning customers’ confidence by showcasing ratings directly on the results page.

You need a developer to accomplish a feature like this. YellowFin Digital is the best SEO company in Houston, and can help you take advantage of having ratings directly on your Google search listings. If you are a developer and don’t yet know how to manage this, you can get more details here.

6. How Do I Make a Good FAQ Page? 

A good FAQ is one that solves the customer’s questions and saves your time. The design of the page or section MUST be user friendly as well as:

  • Identify the common questions
  • Include your SEO keywords within it
  • If you have a lot of questions and categories, consider keeping a search bar.
  • Always, put top asked questions
  • You can keep a tab view for more categories.

If your website is large and has a lot of categories, consider the FAQ style of

Bank Of America

If you are an international/national brand, consider the FAQ style of


If you are in a SaaS OR product-based industry, consider the FAQ style of


If you like to keep the minimalistic and traditional design, consider thieFAQ style of


As you can see, there are many options when it comes to a good FAQ page design. Just keep in mind that simple and easy navigation is what is preferred by the user.


To reduce customer’s frustration and a long wait, give them answers the easy way by creating an FAQ section or page. Use it wisely to get noticed in search engines and it will add a lot of value to your website.

So are you planning to make most of it? My advice to you would be “Go for it” and believe me; it can save you time and help make you money!

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