Whether you have an established eCommerce site or just starting out, avoiding these 6 common mistakes can make or break the success of your eCommerce online business.

#1 Choosing the right eCommerce online business platform: 

Not only does your site need to have a pretty front end for your customer to use, but it also has to be easy for your team to use to manage inventory, promotions, orders, and more. This is the foundation of your business, and as such, the platform you choose is one of the most important decisions you will make. Factors including a budget, type of products you are offering, your plan to scale, website control, available functionality, third-party integrations, and more will determine what makes a good platform for you. Using the wrong one may cause reduced traffic, lower conversions, security issues, and more that can lead to a loss in revenue. When choosing your eCommerce platform, be sure to do your due diligence, thinking not only about what you need today but also how you will grow your eCommerce online business in the future.

eCommerce online business

#2 DIY Websites: 

There are a lot of DIY and cheap (or even free) options for creating an eCommerce website. That said, this website is the most important factor that will help you sell your goods online. If you were looking to open a high-end women’s boutique, would you get a single-wide trailer and drop it down on a dirt lot because it saved you a few thousand dollars? Your website is your storefront to your customers around the world. It needs to have the same thought, design, architecture, and professionalism put into it as it would if you were building a physical storefront. If your site is slow or hard to navigate, people will not buy from it.

#3 Poor User Experience: 

Have you ever clicked on an ad while surfing a website or social media, interested in what the business was selling, only to be taken to a website where you couldn’t even figure out how to put the item in your cart? Poor user experience is the #1 reason for customers abandoning their online shopping experience and moving on through their digital world. Your customer’s experience when visiting your online store needs to be top of mind. Invest early in user experience to get a leg up on the competition. 

#4 Complicated Checkout: 

There is nothing worse than a customer putting a bunch of items they love in a shopping cart just to abandon it because they couldn’t figure out how to pay for the items. The internet has made consumers impatient. In fact, we now have an average attention span of 8 seconds! That’s one less second than a goldfish!! Your checkout process must have clear, concise steps for a user to follow in order to complete their purchase and have a fabulous user experience.

#5 Target Audience: 

Do you know your target audience? I know you are thinking, “Of course I do!”. But in order to be successful in today’s ever-evolving world of eCommerce online business, you have to KNOW your customer. Knowing your ideal customer’s age, gender, economic background, and interests are just some of the ways you need to target your ideal customer. This will dictate the style of your site, the products you carry, and how and where you will spend your advertising budget. Most importantly, really understanding your ideal customer will help you know when you need to make changes to your website or advertising methods to meet the ever-evolving expectations of their online shopping experience.

#6 Customer Service: 

Have you ever had an experience where you thought, “Wow, that was an amazing customer service experience”? Something that was just over the top? How many people did you tell? 1? 2? Maybe a handful? Now, think about a time where you had a TERRIBLE customer service experience? How many people did you tell!? How many social media posts did you write declaring the injustice you had just received that went on to be seen by dozens or hundreds of your friends and family? These same experiences are happening to your customers when they buy from you online. You get that first sale, but what are you doing to turn that sale into a lifelong customer? Focus on doing the right thing for your customer, and you will build a healthy and profitable eCommerce site.

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