Have you been thinking lately that your website needs a redesign? That’s great largely because no matter how big or small your brand is, websites are becoming increasingly important to your company’s success every day. And as the cliché goes, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Technology gets outdated quickly and needs to be redesigned in a timely order to keep it significant within the industry, and most importantly, with your customers. According to MarketingSherpa, 70% of marketers say they use website optimization lessons for determining offline campaigns and other marketing communications. Your website’s design plays an important role in this performance.

A website redesign is a huge project; no matter what is the size of your organization, especially if you want to do it the right way. Proper planning, thorough research, and a little foresight can help make your next makeover a huge success, and hopefully a little less stressful.

website redesign

Let’s look at the steps for a successful website redesign strategy for your eCommerce solutions

5 Perfect Ecommerce Website Redesign Solutions

1. Set your goals and objectives

What do you want to get out of your new site? The first step of every redesign is to analyze what you want out of your updated site. This not only helps you centralize your efforts but also helps determine if you need a redesign at all.

Prepare a list of specific and actionable objectives you plan to achieve through a redesign. Set your calls to action. Your goals can be something like: increasing your web traffic, decreasing bounce rates, etc.

Now, the other big question is deciding if you have the right Content Management System (CMS) powering your website and its design. CMS is a web platform that allows users to centralize data deletion, publishing and modification(s) on a single back-end interface.

2. Developing a (UCD) User-Centered Design

UCD focuses on having a deep understanding of your potential customers, their requirements, values, abilities, and limitations. 

According to Statista, more than 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices – a number that will only increase going forward. Implementing a responsive design while redesigning your website triggers content to automatically size to the device based on the screen size.

3. Focus on your content

The content should be fresh and the information provided within should be effective and sustainable. Finally, the goal is to help users find the data they are looking for. The re-designed content should be user-focused and contain concise messaging that helps – rather than challenges – the desired action you want visitors to take.

4. Ensure website layout resourcefulness and adaptability

The web design should have an element of adaptableness to it. You can either change the entire content or, if necessary, tweak things to keep it fresh. With minimum effort, you should be able to change a lot. The point is to create a website environment that allows for versatility.

5. Developing a post-launch strategy

It is important to have a complete planned strategy that takes advantage of your allotted versatility. The designed CMS – Content Management System should not only enable change, but it should be backed by a team with the ability to review the analytics obtained from the redesign and implement follow-up strategies by connecting these results with the rest of your digital marketing strategy (e.g. Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO- Search Engine Optimization, etc.).

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