Google AdWords is the ultimate tool for any business with an online presence to gain immediate exposure to new customers and ultimately more sales. There is much hype about whether or not AdWords is the right tool to use to bring in new traffic. Here we explore three reasons why you should be using Google AdWords to make your business a success.

AdWords is an Immediate, Cost-Effective Traffic Booster

Unlike with many other forms of online advertising, where you have to wait and see if your campaigns have worked, AdWords brings you immediate results. Your ad is live on the search engine, ready to be found by those who seek it. There is no waiting to climb the SEO ladder, or hoping aimlessly that someone might see and like your campaign – it is targeted to people looking for your services and gives them an opportunity to see your website, and make a sale, immediately. The best part is, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. And when they have clicked on a Google Ad they are already in the right frame of mind to purchase from you – which means your payment for the ad is more likely to get a return on investment.

AdWords Gives You Quality, Relevant Traffic

With AdWords, you set a series of keywords that are relevant to your business, that people are likely to search for on Google. This means that the people who click on your ads are doing so because they want to, and are ready to buy or engage with your services. They actively chose to type in the phrase that brought up your ad. You are not wasting time, and money, advertising to thousands of people who might want your services or products. Your hard-earned dollars are being spent driving interested and engaged customers to your site who are most likely to buy from you.

AdWords is Measurable and Flexible

Every click is tracked on AdWords, and if you set up your site to have Google Analytics, you will be able to see just how much money each click is bringing you in terms of money spent on your website. Everything you do on AdWords can be measured -which means you can see what is working, and what is not, and change it accordingly. This is where it is so flexible, too. If an ad isn’t working to bring in profit – you can change it. If it is working, you can increase the budget to drive more traffic. You can allocate which locations your ad will show up in (particularly handy if you are a bricks and mortar type business) and, the best part; you can change the keywords that you show up for to reach a more targeted, ready-to-buy audience.

How do I Start An AdWords Campaign?

YellowFin Digital, a digital marketing agency in South Texas, has the experts to help you set-up and maintain your AdWords campaigns so that you get the best return on investment in the shortest possible time. Contact them today for more information!