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When it comes to putting your business online, there are too many options. It can be overwhelming to decide the design and content of your website, let alone which website platform to use. WordPress is just one of many available website CMS, and it has numerous benefits that will make your life easier as a business owner. Here we explore 10 reasons why you should use a WordPress Website Development for your business.

WordPress is Free

The biggest reason to use WordPress is that it is free. No monthly or ongoing fees, no upfront costs and you can increase your pages without adding to the bottom line. To get a page up and running you simply sign up and begin creating.

Big Support Network

WordPress is considered the most popular website platform available. This means that the availability of support is immense, with the majority of web developers having experience in it. When you need help it is easy to get it because people know the system and how to make the changes that you need.

Ease of Customization

WordPress is simple to customize to best represent your business, and its range of plug-ins and apps is overwhelming (over 50,000). You can find an app to do any job you require; from taking payments to email signup forms, pop-up windows and instant offers for your visitors. You can literally put anything you want on the site, and it is easy (and most often, free!). If you change your mind on something, or need to make additions, it is simple to do so.

Search Engine Friendly

The engineers at WordPress are understand how important Google is to a website owner and have designed WordPress sites to be SEO friendly, which means that your website has a higher chance of being found in organic Google searches. There are also numerous plugins available to help make your search engine optimization task even easier.

Safe and Secure

WordPress updates regularly to ensure the security of its users against potential hackers. As a business owner security is critical. You can install many plug-ins that help protect your WordPress website, but as a stand-alone the management system it has many elements in place to halt hackers and offer you peace of mind.

Mobile Friendly

In today’s era of mobile phones and internet usage, it is crucial for a website to be mobile friendly, so that when your potential customers look at your website they can do so from whatever device they choose. Many management platforms require you to add a plug-in, but WordPress automatically sets your website up to be mobile friendly – one less thing for you to worry about!

Flexibility of Host Provider

Unlike other website platforms that provide you domain and web hosting services with the website, WordPress is customizable to any and all hosting providers, which means that if you are not happy with the one you choose you can easily change to another, without changing your website.

Continual Improvements

The team at WordPress are committed to making things better all the time; they are always adding new features and looking for ways to improve the services they already have. When they do an update of the software, then, it means that you are getting the latest (and greatest) version available, without doing anything yourself.


Many business owners see the benefit in blogging about their niche; it brings a greater audience and provides a service to the audience, which in turn brings sales and customers. WordPress can be both a blog or a website, or an integration of the two, increasing your position as a figurehead in your niche.

Free From Restrictions and Interference

WordPress is what the experts call Open Source, which means that there are no limitations on what you can do, and you are free from commercial regulations. It gives you full autonomy to choose how and where you want to use your site.

Where To Go From Here?

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